I Am Enduring: A Pep Talk

enduringI give myself this pep talk more often than not.

It can feel so difficult.  It is feeling so difficult, right this very moment.  But you know what?  All these qualities that set you apart from others – that make you ?  They were developed because of this marathon endurance test.

You & me?  We’re not sprinters.  I was never a sprinter.  I tried (oh, did I try) but I am not built for fast speed & short distances.  I’m endurance.  I’m about wrinkling my nose, putting my head down, & leaning into the wind.  I am ‘slow but steady wins the race’, even if the bunny is more cute.  I’m less 100-meter-dash & more half-marathon.

& being a long distance runner is worth it when the winds die down & a moment of joy breaks through.

I promise.

3 thoughts on “I Am Enduring: A Pep Talk

  1. Another beauty. I love this post, and it makes me ask “what am I enduring?” What is growing slowly and steadily? Not that we’ll know exactly what they are yet…but I like listing these things like badges of honour.

    Thank you for being a gatorade stand many times, along the way. 🙂

  2. Perhaps we both share a fondness for the very long run that Legolas, Aragorn and Gimli make in Lord of the Rings? Slow and steady, with much to see as you go.

  3. I am so grateful that you write, and thrilled to have rediscovered your blog. Reading back through the posts tagged “the Process” gives me such a feeling of camaraderie across the miles and I’m sending so much love your way.

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