I am an ocean person.

I am an ocean person.  Specifically Pacific.  I am from a place that has the word ‘beach’ twice in the address.  I grew up amidst a small cluster of suburban beach towns where high schools had surf teams.  It’s in Southern California so it’s not tropical but definitely a stark contrast from Toronto (where I’ve lived for the past 13 years).

Home was palm trees in artificial straight lines and falling asleep to the sound of waves crashing. Now home is different coats for different seasons and chilled cheeks from blustery winds.

My hair is best styled when remnants of salt water still remain.

I’m used to people being incredulously curious about why I would choose to move to Canada.  But I also know real season transitions can be taken for granted.  (We have two seasons where I’m from: summer and rainy.)

“But…why did you choose here?”

& I explain half-heartedly (I used to explain wholeheartedly but realized it never struck the other person effectively enough) and eventually the conversation moves on.

Writing about where I am from is difficult because I am no longer there.

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