How to Catch an Allison

If you ever wanted to know how to catch an Allison, this is one of the ways to do it.

A bowl of delectable juicy fruit.  Some fresh assorted berries.  The works of summer.

But if you don’t have any amazing fruit on hand & you are really desperate to ensnare a bit of my company…you might be able to find another way.


But it’s no guarantee.

4 thoughts on “How to Catch an Allison

  1. I’m off to find a stick to dangle fruit from…thanks for the tips. I’m off to catch me some Allison. Consider yourself warned.

  2. I have eaten lunch with you. I know your fruit addiction and I know it is beaten only by PIE. I am going to catch this Allison…I am much trickier than these other readers…

  3. Somehow, you are one of my GoodReads friends, and I followed the link from your profile to this wonderful blog…and now I’m hooked! (And hooped, too, but that’s another story.) Consider me subscribed. 🙂

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