Hoop Convergence 2009

After spending four days at Hoop Convergence 2009, I have slowly acclimated back to ‘real life’ Toronto after a few days. I remember hearing about last year’s event & thinking to myself that it sounded wonderful.  I woke up dreadfully early, clutched my passport & arrived in North Carolina early on Friday morning, May 8th.  I was reunited with my hoop sister Kelly Jo at baggage claim & we were off!  (Okay okay, first we stopped at Whole Foods …& THEN we were off–)


Arriving at Chestnut Ridge Retreat Center made me feel like I was 8 years old:  I was excited, I felt nauseous, I wasn’t sure if I would fit in.  We checked in, I signed out some linens, & we were assigned cabins.  I never had bunk beds growing up – as a result, I took the opportunity to choose a top bunk.


We were surrounded by acres-&-acres of lush Carolina forest & a picturesque pond.  Nature everywhere!  Quite a welcome change of pace from metropolitan Toronto.  With not a moment to spare, we were off & running & engaged in the workshops.    I am newly fascinated by cheeky tosses & one-legged hooping, I’m able to understand the components of isopops, I had my preconceptions of switching from the vertical to horizontal plane shattered by Brecken.  I took over 400 photos…


When people have asked me how HoopCon was, I just grin & go, “It was amazing.”  It was almost as if I was a balloon & my whole world has expanded & now there’s room to breathe again.

During the closing circle & meditation, I looked around at the participants & was overwhelmed with the abundance of talent the hoop community has within it.  Funny how our paths should all cross because of a round ‘toy’ – I am truly grateful I was able to travel on that path to connect with everyone.

3 thoughts on “Hoop Convergence 2009

  1. How fun!! I ‘ho-opped’ over from Jamie’s blog – I live in Oregon & hadn’t heard of hoop revival till this AM – HOW FUN!!
    There’s a teacher in PDX, & I am so jazzed! (there was a con in Bend OR in April, ~ 17 miles from my hometown! RATZ – maybe next year!)
    I just began teaching Tai Chi again – have done ballet, ballroom, some belly dance, & love Kili’s Hula DVDs – now hoops!!
    Thanks for the intro –

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