Hoop 365

In 2010, my hoop sister (& name twin) Allison of Bloom Hoops hooped to one song a day for the ENTIRE year.  Wowza.  Color me impressed!  I love the idea of just committing to one song.

My hoop practice these past few months has slumped into non-existence.  We moved apartments + neighborhoods, it is winter-time, I have to renew my membership at the local Y … there are a lot of things that stand in my way of hoop happiness.

The pressure just isn’t worth it.  One song a day?  That, I can do.  There’s nothing fancy – this is hooping for my own sake – not anyone else’s.

Want to hoop?

Hooping to one song a day.  I’ll be using the hashtag #hoop365 on Twitter if you’re interested in joining in or following along (& getting some awesome music suggestions!)

8 thoughts on “Hoop 365

  1. I try to hoop to one song a day, but not the same one. I do get hooked on a song for awhile tho. I like to get up and hoop as furiously as I can. No tricks, just hoop fast! Good way to wake up my body and brain!

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