Lately I’ve totally been embracing my introversion.  So much so that I am not posting a photo to accompany this text.  How about ‘dem apples?!

This embracing hasn’t been a full on hug.  It started off with a bit more contemplation and before I knew it, I was falling head over heels into my own hermit-ude.  Fun fact – when I was younger I wanted to be a hermit.  I thought I would be a veterinarian for the forest animals & never have to be around humans.  Go figure.

But really – I look around at all these other blogs (I know, I know–do not compare thyself to others in blogitude) & I see all these creative wondrous people.  & they all seem to be SO outgoing & such social beings.

I wrinkle my nose in confusion.  I am just not that person.

I mean, I can hold my own.  If you approach me, I can hold a conversation.  I am a sentient being.  I am the daughter of “He Who Schmoozes” after all.

But what I wonder is – where are all the other introverted hermit bloggers?

8 thoughts on “Hermitude

  1. Oh man, I know what you mean. The other day I was thinking how boring my blog is because I never go out and do anything exciting. I can’t write a blog about how I sit on the internet or hibernate in my house all week with my husband. I read other blogs where they are attending all these festivals, take pictures of themselves every day, always surrounded by friends, getting ready for the next big event, and I’m just like “soo… I saw this amazing picture of a hooper today. Love it! POST” hehe.

  2. Introverted bloggers are everywhere; they just don’t show their true colours.

    I think you need to get your hoops out among the people… ;o)

    1. That’s true. Or maybe just for tea with my favorite farmers market planner! I wish I didn’t live so far away from Withrow these days…

  3. I am an introvert too. I moved to the Ozarks 4 years ago to live in the woods. I took a tent a gun and a months supply of food. I didn’t stay in the woods for long but I have my own property now and I feel very uncomfortable when I have to go to town.

    The closest Wal-Mart is about 42 miles away. I go about once a month. I go to a community college but by the time class is over I am overwhelmed.

    I can’t wait till I get to a point where I don’t have to go to town anymore.

    I have a blog too. It should show up in your behind the scenes area. I put the web address in the website area.

    Be careful “hermit-ude” is a slippery slope.

    Take care ,

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