I love the sensory approach that some of the kids from the video take.  If they don’t eat the 1st marshmallow given to them & wait – they will get a 2nd marshmallow!  Instead – some of them choose to touch & smell & roll …all in an attempt to prolong eating it.

It makes me wonder how much of a sensory experience we create for ourselves with our hoops.  Do we just hop in, anxious to get to the goal of having danced a bit?  Do we languidly roll the hoop around & concentrate on the textures of the tape against our skin?  All of a sudden the process might become the goal & we have the option of being more satiated as a result.

Do you prefer instant gratification or delayed gratification?

One thought on “Gratification

  1. Where do you find these gems? I loved the girl who started eating her marshmallow before the marshmallow-pusher even left the room. I guess that puts me in the instant gratification camp.

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