Goodbye (for now) to Amanda

There’s a lot of reasons Zen Apartment 2.0 is special.  It wouldn’t exist in its current incarnation if not for Amanda, who, until recently, was located right upstairs.

She’s gone now.

(Sorry, was that too dramatic?  She moved to Hamilton.)

It’s sinking in slowly because of little things.  Little things like – I can’t covertly listen to her iTunes music library.  This has drastically shifted my choice of artists.  No more ABBA.  Bruce Springsteen.


I can’t make this face in response to her awesome zany behavior & faces.  I will still do my best to make her happy from afar.

aaalbumcover(photo from Robin‘s photobooth)


Also, remember when people used to confuse us for one another?  It doesn’t make any sense other than we are both somewhat-hilarious white girls with A-names who wear glasses & make large gestures when we get excited.

Amanda lives her life with her heart-on-her-sleeve & I tend to hide mine in my pocket & pretend to be indifferent.  (But I’m totally not.)  Amanda is amazing.  & inspiring.  & draws amazing fanciful things.  If I had a rooftop, I would shout all of this from it.  Maybe once I make friends with our new upstairs neighbor, I will shout it fromher rooftop.

One thought on “Goodbye (for now) to Amanda

  1. Yeah my music is noticeably missing some Dolly. You are so sweet to write this, thank you! I miss you soooo much! Rooftop shouting level of missing!

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