Goddess Yoga Booty Ballet

Stifle those giggles & hear me out.

I let my Y-membership lapse more than a few months ago.  At first, I thought that once we moved to our new neighborhood – I would renew it at the new branch.  But I didn’t.  Like so many things – it fell on the back burner until I was in the throes of winter & feeling really ‘blah’ about my level of inactivity.

I’m logging more than a few hours in Comfortable Cubicle City & the weather is such that going for a run isn’t my cup o’ tea.  & harnessing the power of the budget has crossed out too many ‘extras’.

Cue the library.

My love knows no boundaries for public libraries or the Toronto Public Library specifically.  But that’s a post for another day.

This post is about Goddess Yoga Booty Ballet.


That’s right.  Note the part where it says “Master Series” (I didn’t notice that prior to trying it out)  I was quite sore the next day in muscles that haven’t been awake in a while.


  • If you want to giggle while exercising – this is it.  These ladies are bizarrely entertaining (& fit) – “What a beautiful bun” comments & all.
  • It mixed fun movements with difficult movements.
  • They start & end their sessions with mudras.  I found it corny but focusing.  & a little bit of woo-woo can be good for the soul.
  • There are modifications to ‘boost’ up the workout, depending on skill level.


  • Yoga Core was a little too hard on my wrists & knees.
  • Horrible weight loss infomercial from the production company right after the closing comment about loving yourself in & out.
  • Since it is part of the Master Series, it is just the two of them on screen.  I prefer seeing some less-fit-non-instructor types in the background.
  • A few too many close-ups of hard abs & firm booties.  I get it!  You’re quite fit.  I felt too voyeuristic.

I’m looking forward to trying out one of their dance exercise DVD’s.

4 thoughts on “Goddess Yoga Booty Ballet

  1. I have the original set. I feel like if it was organized better, I would like it even more. Although it’s okay. It’s better than running every day! I hate BB commercials after the credits. Sometimes the closeups are awful. They are really bad in the original series too! I actually try some of their dance moves when I hoop. It doesn’t work but it makes me have fun.

  2. Oh man!!!! How did this post slip by.
    You are too much. Much too much.
    I’m looking forward to you trying ALL of their dance exercise dvd’s, and taping it.

    I admire that you went right to the Master Series. It says a lot about you.
    Did you tie your hair in those little knots on top like “Tiffy” on the cover?
    I have so many questions…..like, How are your wrists and knees?! Were they bound together at some point? What exactly was happening there and more importantly where does ballet squeeze into this?
    Does that say “Goddess booty”, and do you know the levels before that? (probably all answered in the first dvd)
    *Can’t blame the Goddess’s of Booties for the excessive close ups….they are just puppets with nice buns.

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