Music Monday: Girl Talk


I have to admit – when I first heard Girl Talk, I wasn’t a fan.  His music is composed almost entirely of samples from other artists’ songs with a few bits of his own inserted here & there.

“It switches around too much!” I insisted.  Just when I got into one hoop groove, another layered song would emerge & I would be thrown off.

Let’s jump forward a bit on the time line.  Now I’m hooked.

To what do I owe my change of heart?  I found myself jamming to a lot of Girl Talk one afternoon @ HoopCon ’09.  I found the very thing I disliked about it originally is what I now love most – it keeps me on my toes & makes me switch dance gears more quickly.  I particularly recommend “Feed the Animals”.  Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Music Monday: Girl Talk

  1. Oh! I will definitely check it out! Thanks for the awesome class and the song name 🙂 My back is feeling better, so hopefully next week I can hoop for more than 5.7 seconds 🙂

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