Florence, Italy

Florence Train Ticket

I could have easily spent several more weeks in Florence.  We stayed in a great little studio apartment we found on AirBNB that was near the historical centre of the city.  This trip was full of climbing to the tops of various monuments and even our little apartment was at the top of four flights of stairs.  However, having reached the top we were greeted with two glasses and a bottle of wine.

Duomo di Firenze Base of Telescope shaped like compass

Duomo di Firenze Duomo di Firenze

I earned more climbing stripes by ascending the Duomo di Firenze.  It was wonderfully calming to look down and across the city from a big picture perspective.

Lost Paradise Ceiling

The inside mural depicts the layers of hell.  It was considered monstrous at the time it was finished by other painters at the time.  It shows the Lost Paradise / Inferno written by Dante that describes the seven layers of hell.  At first glance it looks like a typical mural, but on a closer examination as you get lower and lower there are skeletons and devils that are doing some atrocious and painful acts.  Let’s stick to the heavens, shall we?

Candles in Florence

View from Duomo  Florence Clock TowerFlorence Nude Statue

I’ve posted this last photo before but I think heart-shaped pizza always deserves a second look.  We entered a little side door off of the main restaurant at Caffè Italiano Osteria to find a handful of seats and a roaring pizza oven.  Enjoyed our made-with-love pizza with a cold bottle of beer was a lovely end to the day.

Heart Shaped Pizza

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