Finding Comfort

Knitted Stirrup Socks

I’m finding comfort in the small things because the big things are too overwhelming.  My mom knitted me these toeless stirrup legwarmers in gradient yarn that is called “Glacier Bay” (Allison power colors, definitely).  I have been wearing them around the house ever since they arrived.  I am drinking hot cocoa.  I’m watching Ro’s hyacinth bulb grow in the warmth of the Zen Apartment.  I’m writing more.  I’m trying to stay on top of my laundry.  The small things are little nudges and reminders that February can be a rough month but that there are better months ahead.

2 thoughts on “Finding Comfort

  1. February is almost done, then March goes by fast but is actually okay because you sometimes get those spring-y 10 degree days, but then APRIL! April means spring.

    Keep an eye on the gardens, I’ll bet you will see some little green heads poking up out of the soil..

  2. Oh, I love this. Sometimes it is literally the cup of tea, or the softness of a blanket, or the coziness of your socks that gets you through and keeps you going. I felt an immediate sensation of recognition when you mentioned focusing on the small things rather than the big, because I know all too well the overwhelm the latter can cause.

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