Do I really need a virtual assistant?

You don’t need one.  But you want one.  Trust me.  Entrepreneurs often spend the bulk of their time with administrative tasks rather than working their mojo with creation.  These little “invisible” tasks are the ones you want to shed so you can concentrate on working your real magic.

How on earth do I figure out what to delegate?

This might be the most difficult decision of the process.  As a solo entrepreneur, it can be nerve-wracking to give up certain responsibilities and tasks.  You want to maintain a certain standard.  Consider the tasks you roll your eyes at.  The ones that you think will only take 10 minutes but 2 hours later you look up at the clock & realize you missed the yoga class you wanted to attend.  These tasks are often fidgeting with administrative paperwork or technological details.  & that is where I would swoop in, to clear some time in your already busy schedule.

What are your hours?

My contactable hours are 9am-5pm EST, Monday through Friday.  As someone who runs their own business, you are probably quite aware that ‘business hours’ can often be a hazy term.  As I work remotely (out of my apartment, the library, etc.), I very well could be working on tasks outside of that time span.  However, for the sake of everyone involved we will stick to contacting each other between 9-5 unless a prior arrangement has been made.  Our loved ones will appreciate this.

What are your rates?

My a la carte rate is $35 an hour.  I round to the nearest 15 minutes.  I also can give you project estimates customized to your specifics.

How do I pay you?

My preferred method is via Paypal.  If you would like to discuss alternate methods, let’s talk about it.

How do you bill clients?

You’ll receive a contract for you to sign prior to any work being started. If you choose a la carte we can discuss an estimate for your tasks & an invoice will be sent after the work is completed.

How often do we communicate?

You are always welcome to reach out and contact me.