Famous Ladies I Think I Would Be Friends With

Here’s a short list of well-known ladies I think I would be friends with…if we were to ever meet.  None of these are rocket science, as far as I’m concerned.  There’s clearly a common thread of laughter involved in these pseudo-friendships.

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey

1. Amy Poehler.  I know I’m not alone in this one.  Her laugh is infectious.  She speaks her mind & contributes.  Check out “Ask Amy” where she responds to questions from teenage girls.  I love that she speaks out about feminism.

2. Tina Fey.  She’s a great comedy writer and a hard worker.  She believes in women.  She wrote a great book.  Remember when she and Amy were doing Weekend Update together?  Those were some funny times.

3.  Rashida Jones.  I clearly dig her style.  I also like that she didn’t like the roles that were being offered to her so she went out and wrote her own screenplay!  Get it, girl.

4.  I would invite Rachel Maddow to my dinner party but most likely still be intimidated by her intelligence.  She has been open about her struggle with depression, which I also admire from someone in the public view.

Rashida Jones and Rachel Maddow

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