Evolution of Breakfast

I am not a breakfast eater.

Just because I am awake does not mean my stomach is awake.

Unfortunately (& as our mothers have relentlessly explained to us):

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.


Nope, sorry.  Even though I don’t want to, even though my stomach argues, I need to eat breakfast.  If I don’t, I turn into a morning grouch.

With the demise of my blender, I’ve had no ‘easy escape’ smoothies to drink mindlessly.


So I made a move.  I bought some new ingredients for a breakfast recipe I had been ogling for a while.  Overnight oats has shifted me.  I make it the night before.  I sling whatever I crave on it.  Pictured above is overnight oats layered with banana “soft serve”, cacao nibs, & warm apples with cinnamon + nutmeg.  Yum yum.

& for the first time in a LONG time (perhaps forever) I go to sleep looking forward to eating breakfast!

That’s crazy talk.

12 thoughts on “Evolution of Breakfast

  1. I’m always so grateful for a reminder to check out your site again – the design is absolutely beautiful, and this post is no exception! Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. Hey!

    My stomach needs at least an hour to wake up after I am.

    But strangely, some foods, such as a fruit smoothie that is mostly berries, poses no problem, no matter the time!
    and haf an hour later, i can eat whatever. Magic smoothies!
    Get a new blender asap, and we can share recipes!

    1. Go big or go home!

      Okay okay, it’s not in a fancy goblet every day – just on Sundays when I have time to do it up right (& the sun is up when I’m eating breakfast).

  3. Another person who makes banana soft serve! One of my students introduced me and I cannot get enough. ‘Cept that my blender is so loud I have to stretch the chord into the back yard and wrap the whole thing in a towel. Seriously.

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