You Should Eat These Things: Italy


Not all pizzas are created equal.  Cooked in wood-burning ovens.  Crusts shaped into hearts on a whim.  The cheese, oh goodness, the freshness of the cheese.



The singular version is cannolo, but who is ever ordering just one?  Eating fresh cannoli will rekindle any love affair you have previously had with ricotta cheese.


Brioche with Gelato

I know, I know.  Gelato is delicious, you say.  I agree.  But you know what is even more amazing?  Gelato smooshed inside buttery eggy layers of freshly baked brioche.  It is the ice cream sandwich of your dreams.


Cappuccino / Coffee

Coffee is cheaper than water so dive in.  (I’m wary of ordering cappuccinos in Toronto because they are often poorly made lattes in disguise.)  Not the case in Italy; I didn’t have one sub-par cappuccino.


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