Don’t Sit Under the Joshua Tree

I had a high school religion teacher who was obsessed with U2 & cannot help but think of moments sitting in class listening with a less-than-spiritual teenage mindset.  I read an interview with Bono where he described the song “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” as a song of doubt more than a song of faith.


1.  Not getting dressed

2.  Sitting with the shades drawn during the day

3.  Listening to U2’s ‘Joshua Tree’ album

Joshua Tree


1.  Drink tea

2.  Paint nails

3.  Not listening to U2’s ‘Joshua Tree’ album

I’m not saying U2 is in complete control of how a day might go – but I will say that spending too much time in the shade of the Joshua Tree is not good for me.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Sit Under the Joshua Tree

  1. Ohhhh this happens to me with Van Morrison. Everyone knows to intervene when I listen longer than two days. Like, stop me before I become a train wreck.

  2. I painted my nails! Many shades of cranberry. Thought of you. It’s amazing how other people can shape how some music lands on us. A classmate of mine almost destroyed Leonard Cohen forever, for all of us…so we had an intervention in the shared studio. I loved how everyone took that so seriously, like we were protesting a human right. The right to love Leonard Cohen, for as long as we choose.

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