The Friends That Remind You


There are many types of moments that make you grateful to know the people that you know.  That you didn’t just stick your hand into a barrel of apples & hope for the best.  Nope – they’re hand-picked quality.  & sometimes when you’re having a rough day…they are there with gluten-free gingerbread ladies, Dolly Parton movies, & sending you Dolly postcards in the mail.

6 thoughts on “The Friends That Remind You

  1. ha! Helllllooooooo Dolly! Perfect timing!
    I loved the line from her Q interview, something like “I don’t often lose my temper, but sometimes I have to *use* it”

    Happy to be one of the apples you chose so carefully. I was doing my best to look all shiny and get your attention….come on, did you think I kept dropping the hula hoop by accident? 😉

    1. That was such a great line. It’s like she has them all tucked away in her pocket for the most opportune times.

      & you didn’t need much to get my attention with your genuine sense of self & amazing laughter – of course, add a glitter hoop to that & it was all the more alluring.

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