Community Round-up: January

Holy moly.  I don’t mean to brag (yes I do), but I have some pretty talented & amazing people in my life, you guys.  Let’s take a little look see about what some of them are up to lately…

liagr I know I have mentioned my upstairs neighbor Amanda previously.  She is the creator and reigning queen of Living in a Green Room: An Illustrated Life.  What is she up to lately?  Being crazy-cool, that’s what.  She recently posted this epic blog post about evolving/growth for bloggers (meta!) that make my brain do back flips.  I’m still in the processing mode for how much her Blog Dreams Mind Map rocked my world as far as possibilities and aesthetics.


Firefly Creative Writing

Chris is a lover-of-words.  F’serious.  As the mastermind of Firefly Creative Writing, she offers writing workshops in-person, via snail mail, & online.  I have been devouring her mini-audio workshops (free during their release month!) & anticipating the launch of the Canada Kiss Map (February 14th)  She has something for everyone in her bag of tricks, which as an introvert – I totally appreciate.


Radical Creative Sanctuary

Have you seen Danette’s new Pen Pal Coaching package?  Over at the Radical Creative Sanctuary, she is offering amazing opportunities for those looking for a safe place to explore personal or professional topics in your life.  As she points out, “Having a coach for a pen pal means you have someone in your corner you can write to say, ‘I DID IT!’ & know they are in your corner.”  What a wonderful way of connecting with your thoughts & writing; Perfect for those with a schedule that doesn’t lend itself to traditional phone coaching!

& I’ll leave you with an awesome video for my bike shop of choice, Bikes on Wheels.  Go forth & be inspired by all this local Toronto talent.

3 thoughts on “Community Round-up: January

  1. Ditto to what Brenna said! Awww… you and I are all about mutual blog love this week. ALSO, thanks for putting my button in your sidebar! I LOVE IT THERE!!! ALSO, ditto about Danette… her Pen pal coaching sounds like the best thing ever to me.

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