Comfort Zones

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Gosh, don’t you just love comfort zones?  They are so familiar, so alluring..

Sometimes you have to press up & snuggle against your own boundaries.  Put one ear up against the wall & just listen to what could be possible.


When I originally started this site, I intended it solely as adult-serious-hoop-bizness territory.  But as it (& I) grew, I wanted to stretch out a bit more.  Post things from the Zen Apartment, knowledge gems from my psychology studies, …things that are not necessarily hoop related.

I needed to remind myself what creates positive spin in my life.

The hoop might have assisted in tying all these wonderful things together in a nice big satin bow, but part of my process is recognizing the ‘more’ that is out there.  (see: sunflowers)  That might include a bit of the ‘downs’ – they are a natural part of my process.

Welcome.  Help yourself to some chai – there’s almond milk in the fridge.

3 thoughts on “Comfort Zones

  1. I love it! I was waiting for the change-over, because I sensed it was coming. It’s easy to feel stifled at the limits we put on ourselves, even if it’s just the rules we set out to make our blog seem do-able when we started. I’m excited to hear about all the parts of everything! Going to change over my subscription riiiiight now…

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