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Have I given you a proper introduction to my partner-in-crime?

I didn’t think so.  Let’s fix that right now.

This is Robin.


He’s pretty amazing.  He’s one of those people who can take things apart & put them back together again (I find this talent mysterious yet supremely helpful).  We love dream swapping, watching movies, & making each other laugh.

He’s a photographer.

You can check out Robin’s personal photo blog can be found at Still Motion Image.  Check out my foray into journalism in my interview with him below. [& some photos of my own where I have managed to capture him!]


What 2 photographers really inspire you?

Richard Avedon.  The actual process of his work seems so simple.  Using natural light but doing so in a way that makes you really examine the subject in its complexity.  Joe McNally is incredibly versatile.  You don’t necessarily see a photo & immediately know it is his work.  It shows the breadth of his experience.

Do you have a photographic motto?

I like to do whatever I can at the time & not depend on ‘fixing’ in post-production.  So I like to see how well I can do in the moment.  It is so much more satisfactory that way.

What is your ‘go-to’ favorite lens to use & why?

Canon EF 24-70 F/4 IS L USM – It is great walk-around lens; it has a huge focal range & image stabilizer.  It’s super sharp.  If you can only have one lens, this is a good ‘desert island’ lens.

What lens don’t you have that you’d like to add to your collection?

The new 70-100 or the mythical 24-70 F2.8 IS.

What is the most rewarding part of the photography process?

Shooting a new situation & seeing the process translate into exactly what you meant it to be.  The pressure of the situation forces out the creativity above any doubt.


What’s your favorite thing to photograph lately?

Architecture.  You have all the time you want to capture it.  To use different angles or techniques.

What advice do you wish someone had told you when you first started in photography?

To think before taking pictures.  The process of using digital encourages pointing-and-shooting hundreds of photos.  It’s important to look at the subject first & all the factors involved before looking through the viewfinder.  It takes more patience to actually figure out how you’re going to shoot something beforehand.

What are your top 3 tips for improving a photo?

Fully understanding the following…

  1. Exposure- You don’t want to lose detail unnecessarily.
  2. White Balance – Being able to understand your camera in a way to set a custom white balance allows you to create photos that have a more natural look across the board.
  3. Composition – Some people understand this naturally from the beginning; some have to work on developing it.  Either way, your practice will pay off.

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