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Because 2017.

I want to swim in the ocean (always). Feel good enough that I want to sing a song at karaoke. Have more dance parties by myself. Remember to inhale more when I peel a clementine. Learn how to tumble … Read More

Colours Gone

Gone, gone gone. I have reread your obituary twelve times since finding out. I dream we’ve all been granted another chance, another day. We’re both here, healthy. We’re all here, just fine. It is the light … Read More

These days I’ve been noticing the pressure. The transition of seasons adjusting the thickness of the air. I’m moving differently along the sidewalks without the clump clump soles of heavier shoes. I press harder on … Read More

I am an ocean person.  Specifically Pacific.  I am from a place that has the word ‘beach’ twice in the address.  I grew up amidst a small cluster of suburban beach towns where high schools … Read More

CNE 2015

We always go in the early evening. It’s primetime for the Ex, as far as I’m concerned. It’s less expensive, families who have been there all day are heading home, and the heat starts to … Read More

It’s an odd feeling to see no published blog posts these past few months. I’ve written a lot, just not here. In journals, on napkins, in letters, in emails, in code. It hasn’t been a … Read More