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Expecto Patronum: Lessons from Harry Potter for Social Justice Organizing | Between the Order of the Phoenix and Dumbledore’s Army, J.K Rowling’s magical world contains reliable lessons to work towards systemic changes in our own world. … Read More

The playlist of songs that help me pump up the jam morphs every season.  Songs are added for different reasons: catchiness, upbeatitude (sure, that’s a word), lyrics, or even because they’re attached to a happy … Read More

Our minds can often fool us into feeling more alone than we are.  And when you’re struggling with your mental health and wellness, sitting with that isolation emphasizes the bleakness.  This isn’t a list of … Read More

Purple Thursday’s.  Applesauce.  Having breakfast outside on the deck.  Savings accounts.  Celebrating the people I know.  Brunch with friends.  Hugs.  The word ‘lackadaisical’.  Lone wolf-ing it.  Weekly Nia+Hoop class.  Little tomato plants.  Invitations in the … Read More

Hey, ‘Lady’! An Exchange – Using ‘lady’ instead of ‘girl’ or ‘woman’ To My Male Relatives on Facebook Who “Like” Sexism: “Listen, I don’t think you’re an asshole who thinks it’s funny to do something … Read More