Big Sur, California

Big Sur is beautiful.  We’ve been before but it was brief and we were exhausted from travel.  This time we were looking forward to exploring, taking in the green scenery and breathing easy a bit more.

Big Sur Map

California State Parks in general are a lot of fun.  If we lived in California and had a car natch, I think an annual day pass would be a lot of fun for exploration.  Maybe that’s just ‘Vacation Me’ talking.

Big Sur Hiking Signs

We went for a hike and while some of the signs pointed us in the same general direction, eventually there was a fork in the road where we had to choose.  In the end we decided to hike to both.  Not wanting to overpack, I was wearing non-hiking-appropriate footwear (Vans) but was careful in picking my path when extra tread might have been more helpful.

Big Sur Hiking View

The air was dry and it was warm by the time we wound back around to Valley View.  The tree cover provided shade for most of the hike until we emerged to a long range view of the dense forests.  As always, I’m a sucker for macros and textures.  Curly moss and bark of two different trees.  Shoes covered in dry summer dust, we came back to the site where our cute yellow tent was set up to play some cards until dinner time.

Big Sur Textures

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