Things that Shouldn’t Give Me Anxiety, but Do – Part Two

Saving Seats.  Saving a seat for someone is easy-peasy when space is in abundance.  When it starts being taken up by warm bodies, people start to narrow their eyes & panic ensues internally.  They glare at your jacket or bag like they are going to move it with their eyes.  & then people get verbal

They think they can hustle you into changing your mind.  “Is this seat taken?”  –Yes.  YES.  You are sitting there in nervous-park-squirrel-mode, your eyes darting to the entrance at any slight movement.  Why would you submit yourself to that sort of angst if you weren’t saving a seat?

Realizing you’re leading a group of people somewhere.  You think you’re walking somewhere as a group.  & then you realize that everyone is really just hinging on where you’re taking them.  You weave left, they weave left – you slow your pace, their pace slows.  Your heart will hit bottom when you simultaneously realize that you have no idea where you’re going.

Falling through the stairs.  I know I’m too big.  It doesn’t matter.

3 thoughts on “Things that Shouldn’t Give Me Anxiety, but Do – Part Two

  1. Hi!

    I found you (or your site anyway!) through Well Rounded Hoops. And after discovering that your site was both a place of hooping and of lists and of Toronto creativity, I just had to comment and say hello 🙂

    Falling through the stairs seems like a reasonable anxiety to me, who is always convinced while driving over a bridge that my car will flip off……..

  2. Ha! Yes! After Paris, I SO understand the anxiety around being silently volunteered to lead people somewhere.

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