Our upstairs neighbour spent a few months in Brazil and brought us back an entire jar of Doce de leite. Delicious!

Alfajores are soft cookies from South America that are usually made with cornstarch. That means the dough is pretty easy to work with but also that the final product is like a delicate snowflake that crumbles with too firm a grip. Such fragile cookies are best supported with a hearty dose of previously mentioned dulce de leche, don’t you think?

Alfajores with jar of Dolche de Leche


Did you know alfajores are the official cookie of JavaScript?

Okay. That might not be true, but I made a batch and brought some to my ‘bootcamp buddy’ at the end of a full week of JavaScript over at HackerYou a month or two ago. I used this recipe if you want to give it a whirl yourself.

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