#7: Islands in the Stream

Prompt #7: We want to hear what you love about islands, what your favorite indie travel island destination is, which island you’re most longing to see, or why you think islands evoke such strong emotions in travelers.

And – you know we have to ask – what would be three things you would absolutely have to have with you if you were stuck on a deserted island?

Islands are fascinating to me because of their biodiversity.  Ever since Darwin’s studies in the Galapagos Islands, there have been additional studies supporting the belief that evolution occurs differently (& sometimes even faster) due to islands’ isolated nature.  Factors like island size & type, and amount of available resources affect the development of flora and fauna.  That is why you see more giantism (giant tortoises) and dwarfism (tiny deer) on islands.  Not to mention one of my favorite niche topics: flightless birds.  Kiwi, kakapo, emu, penguins, dodos, …most are island-bound.

beware-of-frondsI think islands evoke such strong emotion in travelers because they represent an actual physical separation from the ‘real world’.

& the three things I would want to have with me if I was stuck (ha) on a deserted island?  Robin answered practically: matches, a knife, & a blanket. (Note: he is planning on fashioning a toothbrush for himself via the knife).  I would want a personal water filtration pump, my journal + writing utensil, & one of those sleeping bag/hammock combo’s.

If the original Swiss Family Robinson movie has taught me nothing else,it is that ingenuity reigns supreme, that making an amazing tree house is totally possible, & that riding an ostrich is never a good idea.

3 thoughts on “#7: Islands in the Stream

  1. Oh man. I think this question just reminds me that I would die in 24 hours if I got stranded on an island. I was going to say I would bring watercolours and paints but I could just draw blogs with a stick on the beach, I guess. And read them, laugh, and watch the tide take them away again. So maybe… a tent (shade, protection from spiders), a swiss army knife and a box of bandanas. (I know you didn’t ask us to share ours, but I figured it was implied).

    1. I am glad you noticed the title 🙂 We could all share our supplies if we were on the same island. I will swap you use of my water filter for a bandanna!

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