#6: Indie Travel (again…)

Prompt #6:  We want to know what you think about the Indie Travel Manifesto.  Does it resonate with you? Do you think, based on the tenets of the Manifesto, that you are an indie traveler?

Didn’t I already go over this?  I can take or leave labels; I just want to do my thing!  & it isn’t that I disagree with the Manifesto in its entirety – on the contrary, I agree with some of it (I think that, “Practice courtesy, patience, humility, & good humor” is my favorite).  I just think that being a “Manifesto Approved Indie Traveler” makes me nervous because it is the type of descriptor that eventually excludes people.

I’m here to live, to travel, to learn, to experience – not tell someone they aren’t in a certain category because of random internet rules.

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