Love List: November 3, 2011

Pumpkin2011Almond milk, jack o’ lantern pride, color coding, pirate stripes (post-Halloween), a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils, muppet themed nail polish – a new Muppet movie!  Red lipstick + black eyeliner, thinking you’re late but then arriving on time after all, little kids dressed as bees & buzzing while they walk.  Bzzz.  bzzzz.  Bzzz.  One person dance party.  “Nice pillowcase”, getting out of the house even though it is super difficult, anticipation of getting a haircut, wanting to take another psychology class @ night.  Robin as a sailor.  Robin as Robin.  Color pairings, nutmeg, cinnamon, “Are you more of a chocolate or gummy kind of kid?”  Vitamins, twinkly lights (year round), an awesome upstairs neighbor, quirky office supplies, creating spreadsheets that are described as ‘a thing of beauty’, feeling ace, filing folders, blueberry tea.

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