2010 Hooping Resolutions

So 2010 is upon us.  Have you noticed a difference so far?  I bet you have; I see that glint in your eye & spring in your step.  Of course – the arrival of the New Year also means that in the Northern Hemisphere – it is winter.  & I am cocooning a lot in my personal hoop practice.  Valuing quality over quantity.

The following list is a few of the experience-based hoop resolutions I have for 2010.

Hula Hooping Wishes for 2010

  • To hoop on a beach I’ve never been to before
  • Have a hoop picnic with my Power Pod
  • Give a child their first hoop (Shh, nobody tell Lexi!)
  • Purchase a new camera battery = Being able to take more photos & hoop videos.

How about you?  What would you like to explore with your hoop in 2010?

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