#14: Danger, Will Robinson.

Prompt #14: Tell us about the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “world’s most dangerous road.”  What’s your general inclination toward things with names like “most dangerous” – does it draw you in, or make you run screaming from the room?

Neither.  It intrigues me to do more research (love ya, public library!).  Most of the things I’m drawn to aren’t particularly ‘on the edge’.  Danger alone doesn’t challenge me to achieve, accomplish or experience.  Besides, the things I consider to be dangerous could be the things you do before you even have breakfast.  I enjoy hiking but I don’t need to climb Mount Everest.

Also, let’s keep things in perspective here.  I’m the type of person who gets unnerved by the thought at being at the edge of an infinity pool.  For now I think I will aim for adventures like a hot air balloon ride; if I am feeling particularly optimistic I will aim for skydiving.

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