#13: Eastern Europe

Prompt #13: What country(s) or city(s) in Eastern Europe appeal to you as a place to visit? Or, more generally speaking, how much does knowing about the history of a place inspire your future travels?

I like knowing the historical significance of places I’m visiting.  Not necessarily political & not necessarily what would qualify as ‘history-book’ history.  There are usually little bit of factoid knowledge that I then do further research in to round it out.  I met someone from Slovenia several years ago & surprised her by knowing that Lipizzan horses get their name from a town there.  & why do I know that?  Because a beloved childhood book was an illustrated encyclopedia of horses that I pored over.

I get travel ideas or destinations from reading.  If the author describes a place just-so, I could very well be hooked.  This is why places like Idlewild Books in NYC fascinate me: a bookstore devoted to travel.  Not only that – but a literature & fiction section organized by country?  How wonderful to immerse yourself somewhere – even when you curl up at the end of a day with a good book.

As to specific countries…since I’ve never been to Eastern Europe, I’m certainly not going to rule any place out.

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