#12: Train Travel

I chose to abstain from last week’s prompt.  It was a “March Madness” (basketball) style rating game of the supposed ‘best’ country.  No thank you.  But this week?  This week is about trains!

Prompt #12:  What is it about train travel that captivates the imagination of travelers in every corner of the world? What about it makes the word “romantic” so apt? Do you have a rail experience that perfectly captures why we love trains so much?

I have a hunch that my love of trains originates from Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express.  Combine that with the fact that I grew up about 20 feet from a train track & the seed was sown.  Friends sleeping over when I was younger always were startled by the occasional nearby sounds of the train but I had internalized it.  I liked counting the freight cars & waving at the passengers.

Train Tracks

I like that trains are part of the journey.  (With crowds & the increase in security, planes feel more like the trials & tribulations to get to where your journey begins.)  Trains are right there setting you into motion; they leave you to enjoy a bit more leg room & better food options.  Plus, don’t you love that first moment when the train starts to take away from the station?  The moment of possibility.

3 thoughts on “#12: Train Travel

  1. I love being rocked to sleep on a train. I love movie scenes on dining cars. I love the chuga-chuga rhythm of slowly moving forward, in a way I can feel, in a way that echos my heart’s race. When I arrive somewhere by train, I feel like my heart and I can step off together. If I travel by plane or boat, there is a whoosh of catching up to do. Trains make me feel grounded.

    I respect your choice to bow out of the supposed best country post, by the way. What does that even mean? It’s like saying there is a best colour. Silly. We need them all.

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